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Merry Christmas 2005…

Hope everyone out there is having a great Christmas day.

I didn’t get into the spirit that much this year. But I still felt some joy last night when Teege opened his Christmas Eve Present, which is the same thing every year, which he knew of course.

Boon has got to work today (er, half work), this morning in fact, but we should have time to get out to The Joint to open some presents this morning. I have to work this evening at the restaurant, yes, Christmas Day evening. When everyone else is eating dinner, I’ll be serving it at work. We had dinner last night out at The Joint, so it’s not like I’m missing it this year.

So, everyone, please have a very Merry Christmas (and take a cab if you drink).

spinning… Jingle Hells Bells by Bob Rivers and Twisted Radio via Rock 101.

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