reclaiming my inbox…

This is not a rant about Spam, I swear. There’s enough rants out there about Spam; I figure it’s a fact of life.

This is a rant about Microsoft Outlook and how it filters Spam.

A few months ago, I decided that I was getting too much Spam in my Inbox. I would have to individually right click on each unwanted email and block the sender. This got so bad that there would be days that I wouldn’t check my email just so I didn’t have to spend 20 minutes doing my own filtering. So… I upped the level of transfer into my Junk Email folder from Low (the most obvious) to High (most obvious and perhaps some regular mail). More spam was filtered, yes, cutting down on my own filtering time. But all of a sudden, enjoyable emails like The Onion and regular newsletters like iTunes Music and Filter Magazine were getting filed into the junk drawer. No problem, right? I’d just go to the junk drawer and take them out of there. There’s a right click function that you can choose to say “This is Not Junk Email”. When you do that, it pops the email back into the Inbox (I would still have to do each one seperately though). Well, every week, those emails are still sent to my junk drawer and every week, I keep specifying that they are not unwanted, but something that I would like to read. This is getting to be a pain in the ass, really. How many times do I have to tell Outlook that these particular emails are good? And what’s worse? Some emails FROM CONTACTS IN MY ADDRESS BOOK, are also getting filed into the junk drawer. I mean, really! Come On!

Is there anyone else in the world having this issue? Is anyone out there in the world still even using Outlook? Should I look at some other alternative?

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