Chronicles of Love

sufficiently suffonsified…

The other day, we hit a bump. And we flew into the air, sailing into unknown territory with no navigation system. No map. And we landed hard. If Boon hadn’t looked into my eyes and seen my fear, he wouldn’t have pulled out his fancy driving skills and avoided the wall that we were careening towards.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “working at a relationship” and “having the perfect partner”. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way in hell that two people can live together forever without hitting any bumps in the road. It’s only a matter of time before you recognize that you grind your teeth when they leave the rag in the sink. So, in my opinion, the perfect partner is someone who loves you even though you may turn the burner up a bit to make the bacon cook a little faster and then turn it down again because you remember that they said that the best way to cook bacon is to cook it on low heat. Recognizing and communicating about your partner’s inability to cook bacon at proper temperatures and more importantly their inability to tell you to hurry the bacon up is a good bit of work. And if they understand your view and you understand theirs, the work was worth it and the bacon is delicious and you are both sufficiently suffonsified.

The fact is, there is always bacon to cook and always bumps in the road. The perfect partner is one who is willing to do it with you. That makes a good relationship worth the work.

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