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My girlfriend Windy had her second child this last Saturday morning. A baby boy and his name is Kadin Jackson. I phoned her today and all is good so far. He has an ultrasound on Friday to check out the status of his kidneys (they noticed that one of them is cystic and are hoping that the other is fine).

My Betta fish, Monty, whom I’ve had for three weeks now, stopped eating about a week and a half ago. He got really lethargic and began hanging out on the bottom of his home, slightly tilted to one side, hardly moving but to come up to the surface for air. I began to get worried about him, showed him a mirror the other day and he perked up a bit when he realized that he either had a friend or an enemy beside him. The day after that he began floating on the surface, his poor fins not even flapping, the color drained from his face. Miss Bliss told me that her fish have been surviving on tap water and feedings every second day, so Monty has been getting untreated tap water. Obviously this was not good. I ran to the new pet store here in Nelson and talked to the lady there who gave me the toll free number of “The Fish Doctors” Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, 1-800-847-0659. I got some great advice and ideas for Monty on how to save him, ran to Walmart, bought some items he desperately needed and fixed him up with some prayers and hope. Well, I hate to jinx his recovery, but he’s swimming around, the color has returned to his face and he actually forced down a pellet of food today. That’s a good sign, I think.

I have been coming across some really good new music lately and I must share. For now, here’s two new jems I have collected and are now on the list of music to purchase and bands to see (which may be revealed later)…

Silversun Pickups with Kissing Families (so raw, it’s beautiful. not your typical song; here are some chord progressions and changes that blow your mind while tugging at your heart)

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers with Lisa (a wonderful story about that imaginary friend that every one loved. you cannot listen to this song without shedding a tear. kudos to gifted for posting this mp3 as I cannot find it elsewhere. don’t worry, not too many people read my site 😉

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