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all part of the experience…

Let me just say… I happen to know of a few people who, starting tomorrow, will be watching a particular movie everynight until the Christmas season is over. I have taken up this strange and wonderful tradition in previous years and it is now my duty to inform all of you that tomorrow being December [...]

top five epiphanies as of late…

- The Try! album, by John Mayer Trio is an amazing album and should be heard by all. – Rush, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who and other classic rock bands DO MATTER. – Thai food is really yummy. I have no idea the names of what I ate, but it was good. – All-season tires [...]


“…negative ion exposure appeared associated with feeling better about self, less sensitive, and more responsive or innervated (energized).” Journal of Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicinee Poor Benjamin Franklin. He misunderstood electrons and atoms. Atoms with an extra charge are called negative ions when they should actually be called positive ions because they are so good [...]

sufficiently suffonsified…

The other day, we hit a bump. And we flew into the air, sailing into unknown territory with no navigation system. No map. And we landed hard. If Boon hadn’t looked into my eyes and seen my fear, he wouldn’t have pulled out his fancy driving skills and avoided the wall that we were careening [...]

A birthday wish for you…

It’s hard to top this post, but I’ll try… My Brother: The Shit Disturber My brother; yes, the one who is way bigger and stronger than me, the one who has kick-boxed professionally on National TV, the one who was a hard-ass bouncer in the bar that is most prominently featured on COPS, my little [...]

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