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and she’s back…

Yesterday, in an anxious state, I drove all the way back to Nelson, with visions of Mum’s backflips in my head. The Butcher phoned me and said he was leaving around 11, which was 2 hours later than originally planned. Of course, I arrived to Nelson first and told Teege to get Mum to hold off the turkey dinner as long as possible. “I’m in Creston, I’m taking the ferry, but there’s a bit of a wait. I also have to go home first.”… I waiting and waited for The Butcher’s phone call from Castlegar to let me know he was close. I made my way to work to give Levis the beannie I did for him the other day. The Butcher phoned so I gave him directions to where I was and then I hung out for a bit. There was a big reunion in the parking lot and then we headed out to The Joint.

Reese, The Butcher’s new girlfriend (that looks like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde) and The Butcher hopped into my car and left their car at the bottom of the driveway. I asked them to stay in the car for 5 minutes while I go in first. I gave Mum some story about the accident that I witnessed just past Creston and how I had to wait for the cops and that was why I was late. Then we started taking care of dinner because everyone was starved.

In walks The Butcher and Reese and she didn’t even notice because the foyer was dark. Earnest, Teege and I were snickering and motioning for Reese to slam the door as whe pulled it closed. Mum turned around and screamed after a second of belief that someone was standing in her front room. The scream was silenced by her hands over her mouth as she jumped up and down a few times, then ran to The Butcher.

I can honestly say, “We got her!”

spinning… lighting lanterns in the shade by lillydale.

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