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trick or treat…

I have a million and one stories to tell about the trip to Spokane with the Loser; the dinner we ate, the gig we saw, the shopping we did and the sordid tale at the border crossing. I will write about all these, but right now, I have to go to work. Happy Halloween, everyone. [...]

thanks a lot…loser!

The Loser and I are heading out today on our roadtrip and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Ok, I can tell you. I’m so excited that my heart skips a beat every two or three minutes today. Why is that? Because I am going roadtrippin’ with a pretty cool guy. Because we [...]

gig roadtrip…

Wow. It’s already the 26th. Hmm… So, Loser and I are going to Spokane on Friday (providing my driver’s licence arrives on time). That’s the big news of the week. We’re going to catch Steven Kellogg and the Sixers plus very special guest Mat Kearney at Fat Tuesday’s Concert Hall. A great show and great [...]

twelve years ago today…

I have come along way since that fateful day, 12 years ago, when the Earnest, Mum and and I headed off to the hospital to have Teege. I asked Earnest to tell me his strongest memories of that day and he said, “The moment the Doctor put Teege in my hands”, and “The moment I [...]

girlie roadtrip…

How much do I love road trips? I love them enough to drive all the way to The Little Big City and back in one day to do some shopping with Miss Bliss and Ricchi. We left Miss Bliss’s at 7am, hit the Tims in Castlegar at 7:45 and cruised right to the mall. We [...]

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