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When I got to work Friday night, Circle asked me if I’d like to go out with a bunch of people after closing to Taffy Jacks to see McQuaig play. I just had to jump at the chance of seeing Johnny McQuaig play again and enjoying some real social interaction with local Nelsonites and perhaps make some friends.

“How long have you been in Nelson?” she asked.

“Almost a year…”

“Do you find it hard to make friends here and meet people?”

“God yeah! Everyone seems to have enough friends already.”

“Yeah, when I first came to Nelson, I sat at home all by myself for an entire year. It wasn’t til I got a job in the Food and Beverage Industry that I began to meet people.”

“Yes, well, I’m hoping to meet some friends through this job.”

“Well, stick with me, kid. We go out all the time and you are more than welcome to join us. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Well, er…”

“Anyways, whatever? Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to lots of hotties…”

And thus, we had a rocking good time, for the short time I was out, having to work in the morning. Circle introduced me to her sister, Banana and we hit it off well. Banana works at the restaurant as well, but I haven’t worked with her yet. We talked a lot about Teege and her son, who was on Teege’s ball team this last summer. I vaguely remember seeing her at one or two of the games.

The craziest story I heard though, was from Banana’s guyfriend, and what I’m about to say is only rumour and should not be repeated as gossip because I have no proof… but apparently… David Lee Roth owns a strip mall and lives in some city close to Vancouver (location withheld) and goes under an assumed name that resembles Lucifer (name withheld). Apparently, he wears a black trench coat all the time and jams a lot with local musicians. Banana thinks that maybe he’s hiding from the IRS. But in talking to my sources, I have since discovered that he was just in Calgary in July at the Stampede. He also is on tour all over North America, or so his website says. So, he may live there, but I’m not so sure he’s hiding from IRS. Perhaps hiding from Sammy Hagar?

Go figure…

spinning… jump by van halen.


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