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hello kitty(s)…

1. Beige with brown stripes and spots.
2. Light brown.
3. Darker brown.
4. Black.
5. Dark brown with beige stripes.
6. Black with dark brown stripes.

Chewy started her labour at 11.30pm and has now at 2.30am finished with 6 kittens cleaned up, feeding and already purring. Chewy and the kitten whom we haven’t named officially (but whom I am calling Marley) are extremly affectionate cats. I hope these babies are just the same. That first one is remarkably beautiful.

It was such a thing to see, a cat giving birth. My old family dog had babies when I was 13 and I do remember it well, but cats are different. Both cats and dogs know instinctively how to have babies but cats seem to be a bit more at ease with the whole process. Chewy spent the entire day in the house today, resting on my floor. Then she went out for an hour or two and came back in. That’s when she started looking around for a place to have them and we knew tonight was the night. We set up a place for her and the babies and kept her comfortable by petting and talking to her. Even stroking her belly gave her some comfort and actually enticed her to begin contractions. I barely heard a peep out of Chewy all night, excpet for her very loud purring in between kittens. I heard more baby meows (squeaks) out of the kittens, in fact. Teege was right in there too and I’m glad I could be there to revel in the excitement the births, though he was down for the count for the last two. All Chewy’s babies are coloured differently, like my old dog’s litter was. I guess I was assuming that they would all be brown like her and Marley. But Marley was the last of Chewy’s litter, so maybe everyone thought that her brown colouring was boring. On the contrary, her brown colouring gives her much personality. So, we’ll have to see how these ones fair out. I hope that we’re done. Chewy seems to be settled down, she’s either napping until the next one comes or she’s done. I thought she was done at 5, but then another one appeared.

Just before Chewy started her labour, I upgraded my basic free account with Flickr to a pro one, realizing that I could pay with PayPal. So, now I can share my photos there with you. Now I am no longer limited to three sets, I can have as many as I want. I can also upload a crap load of pictures every month. Which means I have some photo editing to do.

I also put some more RAM in Yankee Doodle, so now our computers are super speedy.

I think Chewy is done; I’m ready for bed.

spinning… harvest moon by neil young.

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