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Today, it feels like my birthday. But it’s not. It feels like it, though. In fact, today is (or was) Boon’s birthday. I know what you are thinking… Why didn’t I post about it earlier in the day? It all comes down to a little game he played with me right from day one.

When we were exchanging information about ourselves (sizing each other up) he told me he was a Taurus (which would be April 20 – May 20). We met during that month so I thought I’d missed it already (my mind thinking that I’d have to wait a year to give him a birthday kiss) so I asked him what date is was. Of course, he was all secretive and wouldn’t tell me. Didn’t tell me, in fact, but a month later let on that he wasn’t Taurus, he was Leo (which is July 23 – August 22). But he still wouldn’t give me the date. So I made him promise that he would give me a bit of notice before the actual day came.

Well, he’s been out of town for a week and a half. He’s been staying in some lonely motel in Northwestern Ontario. And I have been reminding him of our little agreement everyday I talked to him knowing that we are well into the Leo times. So, while I was grabbing a few groceries today, he phoned. He’s heading home tomorrow! How happy was I at that moment? Sofa King happy I nearly dropped my phone along with all the packages that I was carrying. So, I said, in the middle of the parking lot… Today’s your birthday isn’t it? Isn’t it? ISN’T IT!!!??!! He couldn’t let the farce go any longer. Unfortunately, he spent his birthday night tonight alone in another lonely motel in Northeastern Ontario. He’s probably deep in sleep as I write this (it’s nearly three in the morning there right now). Anyways, I was the one who got the greatest gift today… he is on his way home. And, what he doesn’t realize is, it’s open season on his birthdays from now on… Oh, the devious plans that are forming in my head. He could have just told me his birthday way-back-when. Instead of making such a big thing of it, like I am vowing to do from now on just to pay him back.

Happy Birthday Boon!!

spinning… wonderboy by tenacious d.

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