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I am drinking coffee right now… and it’s damn good. I have, most recently, been drinking wine and rye presses in the evenings, so it’s nice for a change to enjoy an evening coffee.

Let me bring you up to speed here…

Yesterday, I drove up to Slocan to visit Curlie, Fly and Citizen. Then when I was returning and my cellphone came back into service again, I got a message from AyAyRon about how he was “close to Nelson” and “might” be coming by and about how he was on a payphone and that he would try phoning back in half an hour. Huh? Well, who knows when he called that first time, since I didn’t miss the call (which would show me the time) but it went straight to voice mail since I was out of range (my message service doesn’t tell me what time the message was taken). So, I continued on home to get ready to boat with Boon. Due to the extreme volume at which I keep my stereo I missed another call from AyAyRon. The message said he was “close to Nelson” and would try to come to Nelson and he would call when he got there. Ok. Is he coming or not? So, I headed to the boat launch. As I turned in, this dark blue car followed me in all the way to the launch area. When I parked I could see him more clearly I screamed and ran to hug one of my dearest friends whom I haven’t seen in a few months. Turns out he passed me on the highway and recognized me somehow. He flipped a U-Turn and caught up to me.

Boon, AyAyRon and I went out onto the boat for a short time to chat. Then Boon didn’t want to come for supper anywhere so we left him in his boat and AyAyRon and I drove into town to hang out there and catch up. He told me tales of the Pyramid; this person is divorced, this one is married, she’s travelling, he’s engaged. We laughed and talked straight for a good couple of hours and then we parted to meet in the morning for breakfast.

Last night, as AyAyRon and I were sitting atop Gyro park and watching the sun disappear behind Elephant Mountain, my Mum called and told me our other visitors arrived a day earlier than expected. Gramma and Grampa drove all the way from the flattest and harshest of prairie land to the lush rainforest mountains of the Kootenays to visit for a few days before Harvest begins.

After an awesome breakfast at Redfish, AyAyRon and I walked Baker a bit, shopping and talking and hanging out. Then I headed home to meet up with the family. AyAyRon was heading to the beach for an hour or two, then taking the ferry and going through Creston to the States for an overnighter there.

Everyone here decided to go for a drive around to see the sights and hangout until Mum got off work. We ended up at Lakeside and had some icecream in the park. Then we were looking at the beach and I noticed AyAyRon laying there, reading. So after another “what are you doing here”, we dipped into the lake and chatted a bit more. Then he was off and running to finish his vacation (which he needed so desperately). He looks great; a thousand times better than the last time I saw him and a million times better than the time before that. Life is pulling together for him now, he’s more at peace, for sure.

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