Chronicles of Love

wild like a tiger…

Last night, as my head hit the pillow, it seemed odd that I woke up yesterday on some remote beach north of Kaslo. Sunday we headed up to put the boat in at Kaslo and sit in the bay to listen to the Kaslo Jazz Fest. Due to Boon’s wicked skippering, we anchored by the rock wall and had a clear view of the festival. Then, after another failed dinner escapade, we headed up the lake just before dark stumbling upon our camp with just enough time to set up and have a drink before the sun disappeared behind the lower mountains. The clouds had rolled in sometime during the night and cooled things off a bit, though the tent was warm when we awoke. We packed up the camp quickly and headed into town to find some breakfast and head back home. The drive back showed a cloudy day and our chances of another great day on the lake waned. We got some reset the coolers and headed up to Slocan to try the lake there, getting there and seeing the choppiness of the water, we returned home right away and put the boat away. We decided to catch our very first movie together out of his place; Stealth, which we both really enjoyed. Fast movie, fast planes; a modern day Top Gun type movie. It was a busy weekend and now it’s time for work.

spinning… wild like a tiger by eek a mouse.

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