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Boon and I are heading up the lake to Kaslo to put the boat in for the day and possibly camp overnight. It’s a hot one out there, folks… it’s only 24 currently at 11:30am… but it’s looking to go up 10 more degrees by this evening. Can’t forget the sunscreen.

Teege scored the first goal of 10 against the other team in his hockey camp on Friday and he attempted to put one in while gliding on his knees. If this kid ever makes to playing professional hockey, he’ll be the showiest player around. That’s what he’ll be known for.

I worked up at the lodge yesterday helping cater a wedding that was fantastic. Everyone was happy and we cooked 30lb of candied salmon.

So, that’s the update. I’m off to relax in the sun on the lake and get rid of a few of my tan lines.

spinning… freedom by sizzla.

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