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Boon and I have been watching a pair of eagles who have settled on one of the islands on the lake. Everytime we pass at least one of them is sitting there. I also spotted a nest in one of the trees, so they must have some young babies in there. One day, the Mum and Dad eagles were exchanging knowing glances at us, aknowledging that they knew we were there. It really is something to see.

Dick left on Tuesday morning with Daisy Chain on their way back home. Mama White will be staying with us for another three weeks or so. Ghana (the guest house) is almost cleared out and we’re gonna throw a coat of paint onto the walls in there to freshen it up a bit so Mama White can stay there for the rest of her stay. I’m in talks with Earnest (formally Earnest) about running some power out there for me to stay in after summer and over the fall. There’s a huge wood stove in there so I’d be ok in the winter, but I’m not sure if that will work. Needless, it’ll be fine until the snow comes. Who knows.

Tuesday afternoon I headed up the valley to spend some more time with Curlie and Citizen. They have a hundred acre lot up by Slocan City which I had never seen before so it was good to hang out there. We went to the main public beach of Slocan Lake twice while I was there and saw some friends wakeboarding. Though I never went out to try it, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them catch big air and bailing.

I’m gonna be spending some more time up in Slocan in the near future, so I’m sure there will be a few Reggae Night and Poker Float tales to come.

Today is Teege’s last day of Hockey Camp so there’s a big game this afternoon thet we’re all gonna catch but I’m gonna head into town earlier and hang with my Mum for a bit.

I’ve been listening to a lot of dub reggae lately, particularily from an artist called Sizzla, from the Rastafarian faith who has much to say about Jah, Ras Tafari, the advocacy of repatriation of Jamaicans, the end of modern day slavery and oppression and the use of ganja for spiritual reasons. All very interesting lyrics; Sizzla is today’s Bob Marley. Check it out here.

spinning… somehow by sizzla.
thinking… “life is for love, life is for living”…

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