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days of sun…

After going to bed at a very late 3:00am, I herded everyone up at 8 so they could get ready for the pancake breakfast. So, we all caravaned down to the Airport (where someone said there was a pancake breakfast going on for all of us) for a little after 9. When we arrived, we discovered that the pancake breakfast was NOT for us, but for the entire city of Nelson and was being put on by the Knights of Columbus for the Nelson Flight Fest that was going on that weekend. Little did we know. Anyways, we walked around and looked at planes…. and helicopters… taking off and landing. We listened to the loud speaker and the planes roaring by and the helicopter blades spinning. It was very windy at the strip and the pancake breakfast was late starting and very disorganized because of it. But I had fun.

Then we all hit the beach for some cold beers and cold water. Some folks went fishing and some went kayaking and most just drank on the beach. Then we had a potluck dinner and the auction, which was funny to watch. So, now, it’s downtime. Almost back to life again.

Right now, heading to the beach with Dick (formally Richy Rich) and Teege.

spinning… ufo by holly mcnarland.

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