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Today was the family Meet and Greet day. We all headed over there this evening for snacks, drinks and a lot of talking. It was loud and crazy with a great deal of alcoholic intake and roaring shouts over a fire. The evening, which began with the sky raining buckets, ended with me (naturally) being the designated driver. To me, making sure everyone got home safe, was way more important than drinking all night. So I piled everyone into my car and drove them all home, safe and sound. After that, I went up the hill and had a few drinks with Richy Rich and Curlie.

Last night was much the same but drier with less people. Just after Daisy Chain called from the ferry to say she was boarding on the other side, Curlie and her adorable son Citizen drove over from the valley. Once everyone was here, much drinking insued and we partied well into the night.

Tomorrow consists of a pancake breakfast at the airport in Nelson and a potluck dinner tomorrow evening at Strident Lodge (the fine folks who called this family reunion in the first place). There’s even plans for an auction, though I have no idea what I would auction off and even less of an idea on what I would bid upon, I do think it’s a pretty original idea that has potential, for sure.

spinning… use me by bill withers.

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