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There. This is pretty much what I was thinking about doing with the CSS. My heartfelt apologies to those who may have seen the working color schemes I was playing with (and not succeeding with) last night and this morning. I found the red 1 pixel border and the white bar sitting in the shoutbox (left over code from previous design). I just felt it was time for a change of scenery here. And when I changed the banner I pretty much had to redo the CSS on the site too. How could I not?

Earnest’s family is all heading here for the weekend for a huge family reunion. In fact, Earnest’s mother is here already (Teege’s Gramma) and will also be staying for an entire month. I’ll be sure to mention her during her visit here, so I’m coming up with a name for her. She’ll be staying in the Sauna House my storage room Guest House which means I have to move all my boxes from the safety of the indoors to the deck of the Guest House. Please, lets all hope that the rains have stopped for the rest of the summer or at least for the next month.

And so, back to work for a bit before I go for a quick jog and a dip at the beach.

spinning… busting up a starbucks by mike doughty.

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