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Tiko told me once long ago to make a list of what I look for in a man and when dating someone to make sure that I stick to the list, lest I be dissappointed in the end or settle for someone wrong for me. I took her very literally because I like to make lists. I have been meaning to get these on my blog so here are two of my lists; A Sexy Man List and an Unsexy Man List. What I want in a man and what I don’t want in a man. I’m sure I’ve missed tonnes of other stuff as well, but this is just a taste.

This is my ultimate Top Five Sexy Man List

1. Smell. I love a man’s smell. It’s not a cologne smell, but that gorgeous smell after a shower. Or the smell that makes me crumble when I open my car window and sexy man’s smell wafts in front of my nose. It’s true about smell; some people’s smell just makes you feel at home.

2. Facial Features. A strong jaw, a nice happy permanent confident smile, twinkling eyes and the ability to grow a full Two Day Beard. Yummy.

3. The Back. The entire backside of a sexy man is a beautiful thing. Right from the back of his thighs, the soft skin of a nice ass, the dip in the small of his back and a strong V-shape up to a tanned neck. Also, there’s the best area yet, just under a sexy man’s armpit that is the softest to the touch. A sexy man’s back looks great in boxers and there’s something about a sexy man who goes to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get you a glass of water in nothing but pyjama bottoms.

4. Fingers. Fingers that can drum a beat on the coffee table, the steering wheel or the kitchen counter. Fingers that can play a guitar. Fingers that can massage deeply. Fingers that can make you cry out with pleasure. Long sexy fingers to hold your hand.

5. Laugh. Any man who can make me laugh twice in an hour, has my heart and attention. I love humour and I love to laugh. Better yet, I love to hear other people laughing. Especially if you are laughing together.

There are many other things that turn me on. A man you makes a good cup of coffee in the morning. A man who knows how to bait me (and likes it when I bait him). A man who wants to know all about me (asks me questions about my friends, family and work). A man who is active (biking, running, sports). A man who scratches my back without whining about it. A man who is grown up, yet still knows how to be a kid (got his shit together, is dependable and responsible yet a completly dorky goof at times). A man who is kind to animals, kids and waitresses who do their jobs properly. A man who takes care of his possessions (he’ll be careful with mine as well). A man who understands that I don’t like to have my back to people (lets me chose where I want to sit at a table, stands behind me in a lineup). These are all very important things to me. This is a beautiful man who makes my blood boil and a moan escape from my lips.

There’s lots of things that make a man unsexy too and a lot of it is mostly a garden variety of bad hygeine things. But, it’s mostly habits and values that turn me off a man.

This is my Top Five UnSexy Man List

1. Laziness. I’m all for a night of tv/movie watching, but not every night. Let’s get out and do something! Also, I’m all for taking care of a man, but do I really have to clean your house everyday, do your laundry and hand you the remote? I’ll do those things because I want to, not because I have to.

2. Too Touchy Feely. I like the attention from a man. I do like to have a man’s arm around me at times because it makes me feel safe. I think it’s important to show me that you care for me. I think there’s nothing wrong with showing the world that we are together. But, please, you do not have to possess me all the time. Not to the point where your paws are all over me all the time. There’s a time and place for getting close and personal. Plus, give me some room in the bed too. I like to be held until I’m almost asleep, then I like to lay on my back. And please, don’t grope me at night. You lose my trust that way. I want to be comfortable with you.

3. Talking. Lack of talking is not good (how do I know how you feel about me? how do I know what is going on at work? am I to guess these things?) but over talking about yourself is completely selfish and show’s me the lack of interest you have in me.

4. Driving. Please, if a girl like me can drive stick, I expect my man to know how to as well. If you are scared to pull a trailer behind you, forget it. And even if you don’t currently have a motorcycle, I’d like to know that you have learned, or would like to learn at some point in life. I like to go fast.

5. Drinking. Yes, I have issues with people who abuse alcohol. It’s not meant to be an escape, it’s something to be enjoyed… occasionally. But not to the extent that you have a drink or two, or three, or six, or eight everyday. There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine with dinner, but come on. I’m usually the DD in instances when I go out somewhere with friends because I don’t care to get wasted. I’d rather make sure my friends and I get home safe. I also don’t like running to the beer store to get more alcohol. If you want to drink more, I’m not going to get you more.

spinning… i can’t quit you baby by led zeppelin.

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