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two dogs (hot dogs)…

I brought Misty over to play with Tasha the other day. They had met once before, a while back and it didn’t go too well but I thought I would try it again. Misty is a 3 year old Female Husky/ Shepherd Bundle Of Craziness, bounding all over the place with so much energy to burn. Misty is very protective when it comes to her owners but also very playful with other dogs. She sleeps on the couch at night and loves to fetch sticks in the lake. Tasha, on the other hand, is a 9 year old Border Collie/Shepherd Peaceful Loving Old Girl. Tasha is everyone’s favorite dog. She’s just there; never bothering anyone, getting old in her age, playful and protective when needed. Tasha loves it when we head up the hill to the gardens because that means that she gets to protect us from bears and deer and other roaming wild animals like squirrels. Tasha sleeps in the middle of the hallway usually, or sometimes in my room at the side of my bed. Tasha loves the family cat where Misty would chase the family cat (until she gets a wake up call on her nose with a very sharp claw).

When Tasha and Misty met the first time, I didn’t really introduce them properly at first. I had Misty on the leash and Tasha was in the house. I opened the door a crack to let Tasha outside to meet Misty and they sniffed noses for a second before pushing the door open and going at each other’s throats. My first mistake was having Misty on the leash. This automatically makes her the vulnerable one of the two. My second mistake was not letting Tasha outside first so she wasn’t spooked, cornered and feeling protective. The fact that they are both females didn’t help either. So when I finally yelled at both of them till I was blue in the face and Earnest came to rescue us all from the tangled mess that we were, we ended up throwing Tasha back in the house and tying Misty up outside for a spell. That was their first meeting. Not a very good one. After the initial meeting, whenever I came home after playing with Misty, Tasha would sniff me up and down for Misty’s smell. We decided to wait a while to let them meet again.

This time, I was a bit smarter. I left Misty off the leash. She bounded up to the house and began peeing in the yard. Tasha was up in the gardens with Mum and Earnest and when she heard me drive up, she headed down. She was about halfway down when she spotted Misty in the yard and came cautiously running down to see the crazy strange dog in her yard. They sniffed each other for a moment, then began to freak out. Earnest came down to help me out, whistling to Tasha to come away. I was screaming at both of the dogs to “Play Nice. Be Nice. Nicely!” After a few minutes of growling and snapping at each other (Tasha actually had Misty’s neck in her jaws at one point) Misty and Tasha listened up and let each other go. Misty got bored right away and ran to the other side of the yard to do some business and Tasha came over to me to tell me she was alright. She was a bit bloody, I think she bit her lip or tongue, but she held her own in her property and she was very proud. After that, we all went up to the gardens for a walk to keep them occupied and let them spend some time together without gnarling at each other. Misty would try to get Tasha going by barrelling towards her and making sudden moves and Tasha would at first play defence then soon learned not to react and Misty would get bored. So that was their second meeting. I really hope their third meeting goes even better and they can eventually get along well enough to leave alone for a bit. They both need playmates and I think after a few more meetings, they’ll be old friends.

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