KEXP and iTunes…

I was bored of my own playlist one day and decided to go through the list of radio songs that iTunes has. I came across a very awesome Reggae Dub station and grooved to it all day. Then the next day I pointed my mouse to the KEXP link and within 3 minutes was very attached to it. I am now addicted to John the Morning Guy (6-10), Cheryl Waters’ Variety Mix (10-2) and Kevin Cole’s Variety Mix (2-6). The KEXP website is great. They have a running playlist, archives of all the shows and you can listen online as well. Everyone knows that some of the best music has come from Seattle and anyone who’s anyone in music has played there. So, I have now just increased the list of bands I like and that is always a good thing.

spinning… i predict a riot – kaiser chiefs.

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