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Doctor is also taking notes tonight, though his view will be more tangible. Mine is just little ramblings.

Why would they have all those nominees come up on stage? I know I wouldn’t want to be a loser in that group. If I lost an Oscar, I would want to shrink in my chair a bit, not stand on stage with all the other losers while the winner goes up to accept.

Morgan Freeman’s first Academy Award? Is that right? Wow. I’m surprised he hasn’t won before.

Robin Williams is funny. His impersonations are great, espcially of Jack Nicolson/Bugs Bunny.

The multi-talented Drew Barrymore? She looks good, I’m liking the darker hair.

I don’t know how I feel about presenting from the audience, I mean, it was great that they had situated the nominees where they had, but what about the time honored tradition of walking up to the stage?

Who knew Foxy Cleopatra could sing French-like?

The Aviator had the best costumes? I thought there was more imagination in Lemony Snickets.

The Carson bit was touching. It is really sad that he has left us.

I was trying to think of who Adam Duritz looks like with his dreadlock hair thing, and all I can think of was Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.

Ok, I love Al Pacino. I just had to say that.

Some shoddy camera work there, hehe and oops, someone dropped the piano lid there after Beyonce’s SECOND song during Comedy Superstar Jeremy Irons presentation.

Laura Linney looks like she has a mullet. Is that really the style these days?

“Hi, it’s Oscar Night… featuring Jam Night with Carlos Santana and Zorro.”

My Mum thinks John Travolta should run for President. Then she remembered that Johnny’s a Scientologist. So she said, ok, maybe Johnny Depp could run. I think she has a thing for Johnnys.

Not Beyonce again…

I wanted Annette to win, but Hilary Swank beat her out again. And for the record, I did NOT like her dress. Cue the music, oh wait, she has to thank Clint.

Yay, Charlie Kaufman! It’s about time. Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, Eternal. Sam’s right, you can’t shoot a movie unless there’s a screenplay.

Thanks Ray Charles for living… and thanks for dying too, cause you made this movie possible… really. i haven’t seen it yet, but I bet it’s amazing. That speech almost had me crying.

It would appear to me that the Oscar sun rises and sets with Clint Eastwood. Is he the richest man in Hollywood?

So, that’s that. Until next year.


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