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Dooce (and Leta)…

There’s two blogs that I have been reading for a long time. One is Doc’s. And the other is Dooce’s. For those who don’t usually read her site, Dooce and her adorable daughter Leta are featured in the New York Times today. Mommy (and Me) (registration is required, and i encourage all to register) In [...]

not afraid…

I hope that one day God can tell me how I have deserved such beautiful promises of love and devotion. I haven’t done much with my life. Oh, I got by alright. I wasted time and had fun and grew up looking for him. But, I don’t understand. It baffles me. Why do I get [...]

dreary, beautiful day…

It’s another day today. One full of clouded rain and cool winds. But from where I sit, it’s a day full of love, warmth, happiness and contentment. Tasha is curled up beside me, on the floor. Her chest rising and falling as she lays the day away. My coffee cup is almost empty; the last [...]

a machine

That computer needs more RAM, but she’s working like a charm. Yankee Doodle has been updated to XP, new software has been added and I have created user accounts for everyone. Now Teege, Mum and Earnest can personalise their desktops all they want and no one will have to look at anyone else’s mess. (I [...]

credit where credit is due…

Everyone has left to Creston for Teege’s Hockey Tournament and I am about to chuck the home computer down the embankment. I am attempting to update it to XP because, as Doc who is gentle with me while said, “ME sucks ass. (but it was better than 98)”. So, I give credit to the one [...]

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