if you will but notice please…

If you will notice, there has been a bit more traffic these days from some new found intorweb blawger peeps. Their links can be found on the sidebar of my site. This is due in large to a very kind reciprical link from Leah who’s been on my sidebar for some time now. If you haven’t had the chance yet, please bop on over to her place. [she’s an editor. she write good.]

If you will also notice, there’s a picture of me on the sidebar as well. Ok, not a picture, but a pretty damn good rendering of me in pixel form. With my hair up. I don’t always have my hair up. And it’s not always brown. Everytime I make a change to my hair, I vow to update that picture.

And for my major announcement… I have finally finished my 100 Things. Crazy, I know. Some items have changed on the list from when it was stuck at 52 forever. There are even more interesting tidbits about me and me and me in there now, it will probably take you at least 3 minutes to read it all. I urge you to get up and stretch before and after to avoid busting your gut from the hilarious laughter that is sure to ensue. Drink a lot of water too.

spinning… sing for absolution – muse.
thinking… i love polly pockets.

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