settling in…

Well, I hate to only post a short post, but I am tired. I’ve had a couple of very busy days here getting all settled in.

Mum and I decided to paint. The trade off was good. Inconvenience for a few days versus four walls of sky blue. The beautiful colors won and the sky blue was covered in taupe, greyish/brown and dark, mulled cranberry. Bye bye blue walls. It’s amazing what a little paint can do to a room.

I did find the time to make it out to hotsprings already though. Totally needed it after moving everything.

The move here went very well, not a problem at all. And it was quite amazing to see myself go back in time too. I am sitting here in Fall once again and instead of seeing a foot of snow, exhaust clouds, snowblowers and frozen hands, I see leaves of every color, pumpkins, the sun shining with a few clouds and very green grass. The falls here last quite a long time. Edmonton’s fall seems to last a week. The leaves turn color all in one day, a few days later a big gust of wind knocks them all to the ground. Then three days later, it snows. By day 7, you are shovelling a foot of snow, freezing your hands, toes and lips right off. Uh, no thanks!

So, big day tomorrow too. Teege’s friends are joining Teege to ride some trails in Sunshine bay, which is across the lake from Mum’s.

I’ll try to take some pictures of my view tomorrow and show you all what it is you are missing. Oh, and incase you were wondering, I decided to forgo the trip to Vancouver for just yet, there was just too much to do to get settled in here. In the near future, though…

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