stupid password…

For a while now, since I changed servers, I have been trying to publish my blog to no avail. About once or twice a week, during my free time, I would change my settings and change them back again, and it still would not publish. I began to spend less and less time on my mission, checking every once in a while to see if perhaps my blog would just magically appear. Eventually I had given up on it, determined to redo my site and be done with blogger all together.

Today, I tried, one last time. And you are reading this now because this whole time, I had assumed that the password in my settings was the same as the old password in the old settings. Recognizing that my new password had one more character than my old password was the answer to my little month and a half long struggle.

Oh, and for the record… I am NOT getting married this coming Saturday June 5, 2004

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