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The drive from Edmonton to Calgary is the hardest part of the journey to Nelson. It’s not too bad when that is all you are driving, but when you think at the end of the three hour drive that you only have another eight to go, it’s a pretty long day. I stopped in Calgary to wash my car, grab some lunch and call Windy to wish her a happy birthday. As soon as I left Calgary and got on the Cowboy Trail, my day perked up.

Driving the Cowboy Trail is great. It’s beautiful foothills country and the ranches are abounding. I got to Crowsnest Pass, filled up and followed this truck and boat for a while. I remembered passing them just south of Calgary. I like following people and seeing where they go.

I stopped in Cranbrook for my dose of Tim’s and grabbed the ritual can of Tim’s coffee for Mongoloid.

Then as I turned north from Creston, I noticed that the closer I got to Nelson, the greener it got. It’s a really awesome place that Creston. I knew a girl once from there and she said that she hated growing up there. I would have loved to grow up there with all the mountains surrounding the town. Of course, I think all they have is a Saan store, so that may be why she has that opinion. Anyways, I pulled over to see the ferry schedule and the red car that had been tailing me since Cranbrook flew past me. I fugured I’d try to make the ferry too. I quickly caught up to her and then there was two chix on the road, driving Indy 500 down an extremely curvy road to try to make it to the ferry on time. Down to fourth, up to fifth, turn left, turn right. It was so much fun! I only wished I’d had a convertible.

The ferry was pulling out as we pulled into the drive. Five minutes earlier and I would have caught it. And now, as I sit waiting an hour and a half for the ferry to come back, it gets darker and darker out. There are two geese feeding around me at the picnic tables, making gluck noises in the back of their throats. But the time gives me a chance to write this. The laptop is a great thing.

I can make out the shape of a ferry off in the distance. I heard it rounding the bend of the lake. It’s so quiet out here right now, that ferry must be at least 20 kilometers down the lakes still. Until two minutes ago, I was the only one out here. Now a Semi has come to join my little car in the line.

In my player during the drive…

The Police – Edmonton to Lacombe.
David Bowie – Lacombe to Bowden.
The Pixies – Bowden to Turner Valley.
Coldplay – Turner Valley to Hillcrest.
Matthew Good Band – Hillcrest to Fernie.
Earth Wind and Fire – Fernie to Cranbrook.
Barenaked Ladies – Cranbrook to Creston.
Belle and Sebastian – Creston to the Ferry.
Dashboard Confessionals – Ferry ride to Mum’s house.

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