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alive and existing…

Yes, I am still here. So much has happened lately. So I want to post about it. Then I don’t get to it in time before something else happens and I don’t post about it. I’m just gonna write it all off. Here’s the scoop on me… rebuilding my site, redoing my portfolio, going to [...]

Dress Shopping…

How can anyone spend that much on a dress that weighs a tonne and is only good for one day? I tried on about 12 dresses and I liked every one of them. All of them would do. I have three favorites, but they are all so expensive that I feel I shouldn’t even be [...]

a whirlwind of a day…

Wow. Ok. So, yesterday the Toog and I saw the bank, put an offer in on a place, the owner accepted and we put a deposit on our wedding bands. Today, we are getting the apartment ready to list and I am going dress shopping. I know that doesn’t sound like much… but there was [...]


Leta Elise Armstrong – The Little Frog Baby

The suspence is killing me…

I have been checking these blogs every hour to get any kind of update I can. I mean, a very pregnant woman who serves her baby an eviction notice and a husband who is so diligent with his timing and breathing are people worth reading.

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