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are you ready for christmas?…

So, Toogie and I are making Christmas gifts this year because we have a wedding to pay for coming up. Things have been really busy as of late; trying to get these presents made, working on the CDROM project, work with my clients, work with A Cappella, Christmas get-togethers, etc.

I am driving 11 hours on Monday to visit with my Mum, StepFather and Brother over Christmas in Nelson. I am very excited. They have just spent the last few weeks getting settled into their new house and now they get to spend Christmas in it. Toogie and I have decided to spend Christmas seperate as single people, knowing that this is the last Christmas we will be together as full families. Then Toogie and I will be married next year and will be spending Christmas together as a married couple. Of course I’ll miss him, but it’s good this way too. I am really looking forward to cherishing this Christmas alone with my family before I enter into marriage. It’s gonna be great. Long drive to Nelson, though.

I will be working over Christmas too, of course. This project has grown in porportion and I will be able to get most of it done while I am away, so it’s also a working holiday.

So, I just wish I could turn back the clock a couple of weeks so I could get a few more things done before Christmas Day. I meant to send out cards, I meant to do a lot of things… Oh well, I guess that’s the way it goes.

And so, I will close with this…

Just remember…..

When you all are standing in line, waiting to purchase that too expensive present and there are people hustling and bustling all around you and people are getting mad at clerks and yelling at their renegade kids and you are thinking “why did I wait till the last minute to do my shopping? i said last year that i wouldn’t and here i am fighting with an old lady over the last corkscrew in town! what’s wrong with me?”

Just remember the reason for the season… Jesus’ birthday. Put down the present, go home and spend time with your family. Pray for blessings from God. If you just simply do that, it all gets better from there.

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