what would people say?

So, the other day, Toogie and I were driving back from the lake, and in the conversation came up a very important question. It was a question that I had always thought and entertained, but really didn’t take it seriously or tried to put into action to make it happen. He asked me what I would like to say about myself if I were about to die. Did I have goals throughout my life? Have I attained those goals? What would you like people to say about you if you were were done living?

If I could be remembered for the things I HAVE done and the things I will do, I would be happy. The last year or so for me has been really crazy, full of ups and downs. I am not ecstatic about my past, what has happened to me in my life and the way I have lived it, but I am happy for the things to come. I have a wonderful new thought process, I have peace in my heart and I have the ability to let go of the things that have dragged me down. My outlook, to say the least, has changed and I am embracing this change with open arms to the sky. BRING IT ON!

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