Chronicles of Love


Well, what a weekend in Edmonton! I had so much fun.

Toogie and I went for dinner on Friday evening just after I arrived. Normands. The food was absolutely amazing. We should have switched our plates, cause Toogie wanted my steak, which was really good and I would have been more than happy with his pasta dish.

Saturday consisted of some shopping 🙂 , a meeting, a drive out to the lake and a game of marbles. The whole day was perfect.

Sunday we came back from lake and got ready to have dinner with friends. Toogie had no idea, but I had planned a surprise party for him. Or rather, I suggested and everyone planned and showed up. It was so great. All of his important friends were there waiting when he opened the door. The Wedding Planner baked a great yummy cake. The look on Toogie’s face…

It was sad to leave, Monday morning, but I am going back next weekend, as usual.

I will find a job there, it will work out.

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