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Chronicles of Love

a love story…

This is the story of Princess Rana and her Knight.

Once Upon a Time, there was a Princess named Princess Rana. She was the Princess of her very own kingdom. The Kingdom of Lileh Pahd was pretty small compared to the other kingdoms around it, but it was one of the most beautiful to be known. Princess Rana, who loved her kingdom very, very much, would walk around Lileh Pahd everyday. There was much to oversee on her lands and she was very happy to be the one to make sure all was right.

One day, while walking on the north shore of Mondo Pond she heard a sound that frightened her so. Clip Clop Clip Clop, the sound came nearer and nearer. What is that sound, she thought. She thought and thought and thought, and then she thought some more. Then just as she was about to say something out loud, she heard another sound, Bzzz, Bzzzzzzz-Zzzzzz.

WASP! She squinted her eyes closed, froze her body right up completely, and began screaming inside her head. All of a sudden, the Clip Clop stopped. Then with a thwack, the Bzzzz Bzzz stopped. After what seemed like a million years, she opened her eyes one by one, and lowly looked up to see a knight upon his horse staring down at her. She blinked once or twice and all of a sudden he was down on the ground in front of her. Her heart beat so hard, she closed her eyes in order to faint, and felt the most wonderful, powerful, gentle and amazing kiss fall upon her lips. The knight’s arms slipped around her waist, her arms slipped around his neck.

The beginning.



  1. [...] there WAS a time when I believed in love and love stories and knights in shining armour. Imagine [...]

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