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I applied somewhere today. Now I am worried that I don’t have the skills or talent to work there. You know, jitters. It’s an uneasy feeling. Nonetheless, whatever happens, I will be alright, I know. I am still working to build my portfolio. There will be other places I can apply to. At least then I will be more prepared. That’s why I am uneasy, I guess, because I applied before I was completely ready. I am hoping that the employer will see through my hasty application and know that I have skills that I can bring to the table. Ah, anyways. Whatever will be will be. I’ll just keep working on it.

I had McDonald’s for lunch today. Thursday, Two Cheeseburger Meal day today. Why is it that I keep going to McDonald’s? I always feel bloated afterwards. Oh, I know. Cause the fries are salty and the fountain pop is good. They are fast and friendly on the purse. That’s why.

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