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over too soon…

Friday at 4:50, I saw Toogie come around the corner and I felt like a million bucks. I had high hopes for the weekend, looking forward to a great drive, hanging with Toogie. All that happened and more.

We got to Nelson late but were still up until 5am, talking like we didn’t get enough of each other being cooped up in a car for an 8 hour drive. In the morning, we hung around a bit before we went into town to see the sights. We must have walked around for a good couple of hours, checking out the stores downtown. Toogie has a friend from way back when who owns a record store now, so we went in and they chatted it up a bit before we went to dinner. After dinner, we headed home briefly before heading to Ainsworth. So much fun there, sitting in the caves, riding the Toogie Boat Express, belching contests and baby vomit.

Up til 5 again, Saturday Night, but still up early for church Sunday morning. Great church. I really liked it. Then off to the skatepark, Teege and Toogie skating hard. Mum and I watching and shaking heads in disbelief! Toogie ollied(sp) the highest he has ever and Teege managed to begin working with the ramps. Big dinner when we got home. Baked potatoes, steak, taber and salad. Yum Yum. Toogie played the guitar after dinner into the night, Teege loved it. So did I. Then to bed at 2ish since we had to drive home the next day.

Monday morning consisted of coffee, breakfast and jokes. Then Toogie and I had to leave. The ferry ride was great; we looked out at the lake, the rippling wakes and the fires on the mountains. We stopped a the Glass House that was built by Mr. Brown for his wife in 1954. Very Cool. Then we continued on down the highway to Creston and stopped at Vintage Re-Threads to look around. Then we talked and listened and Toogie played his guitar for me in the backseat.

Thanks for the weekend, Toogie. You are great.

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