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lovin’ it

Well, I’m here now. The winds have begun to pick up which is not good for the 300 some fires in this area, but with the wind, came rain. My mum is having some serious problems with her computer. I’ll take her box back to Calgary with me to got fixed. Nelson doesn’t have a FutureShop there. The closest is in Kelowna, four hours away.

I had planned to take some pictures while I am here, but it’s raining right now. So, probably later then.

Well, we are gonna have some pancakes and spend some time with Earnest before he goes to work. Then Mum, Teege and I will head into town to hang out. There’s a production going on of Peter Pan this evening at 7 in town. So, we are gonna tool around Nelson all day.

I absolutely love it here, despite the rain and the fires and the bears and the spiders… that’s what makes it even more special.

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