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Idli Dish Turn Out Great, MooShoo Awesome In Kitchen

In other news, I’m having these awful thought of bananas and it’s making my crawl. Since I told someone last night about my banana experience, I have been cringing uncontrollably. I’ll tell it now, just to shake it off my back.

Everyone, please be careful when purchasing discounted bananas from the racks by the checkouts. They are cheaper; not because Safeway wants to be nice, but because there are millions of tiny little white spiders hiding in fluffy pods between the bananas. Though, in an emergency, if you are broke and need bananas for some odd reason and you need to purchase the bananas from the front of the store cause you are in a hurry… pull the bananas apart OVER the sink and wear goggles to ensure safe eyes. Then either throw them out if they are infested with spiders or wash them with bowl cleaner or strychnine (j/k mr.clean – wintergreen will do).

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