Gumbo is good. Good spicy Gumbo. And the Mardi Gras Salad was great! Great I say. But the best, by absolute far, was the dessert. The amaxing Spice Cake with drizzled caramel and Pecan Ice Cream! MMMMM, MMMMMM, GOOOOOOD! Thanks goes to Calon for inviting me to the cooking class/dinner. I owe you!

It’s a good thing I was wide awake after that scrumptious meal for the drive home. The highways were completely whited out. I finally caught up to some poor guy driving all by himself. My everlovin’ God put him there for me, I think. I followed him the rest of the way home. I’d like to send out a big ol’ hug and kiss to the guy driving the white car in the snowstorm ahead of me:) Obviously you can tell that the “heatwave” was very flippant about stickin’ around. Can you imagine? A little nice weather? HA! Yeah Right!

Thanks to MooShoo for coming with me to the class. OH… and even though I emailed him already today, Happy Birthday Spark!

Well, off to work a bit before bed. Though I am really tired! HMMMMMM…

Oh, and Happy Birthday Sparky Spark.

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