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Well, I am back from Kipling. Had an awful drive home in a snowstorm in the dark. Didn’t leave Regina until 2 in the afternoon. Got home at 11:30pm.

When I got to Kipling I heard that my Great Grandmother went back into the hospital. I think she tired herself out again. They say it will be a long time before she gets out again, if at all. She looked so small and lonely in her hospital bed. Her eyes were sunken right in. She gave me a very strong hug and we cried a bit when we looked at each other. She was saying goodbye. And I was too. I just wish she never had to die.That she could live forever. My Grampa is indifferent to her passing. “She’s been dying on me for 30 years!” I think he should feel lucky that a man his age still has a mother. My Gramma takes great care of Great Gramma. Always running over to the house or hospital, making she she eats, plants are watered, mail is picked up, whatever. When I hugged her goodbye I told her not to go overboard and hurt herself. She should take time for herself too.

I talked to The Butcher last night. He really wants to go see her. We are trying to work something out. It would be nice if Teege could see her too. We’ll see.

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.” -Ralph W. Sockman

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