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Sometimes I feel like I’m not really me. Like I am actually someone else who is playing me. Every once in a while I begin playing someone else. My life changes and I end up somewhere new with a whole different life. I did feel like myself once before. A couple of years ago. I [...]

my gg..

Well, I am back from Kipling. Had an awful drive home in a snowstorm in the dark. Didn’t leave Regina until 2 in the afternoon. Got home at 11:30pm. When I got to Kipling I heard that my Great Grandmother went back into the hospital. I think she tired herself out again. They say it [...]

constant and comforting…

Well, big day tomorrow. Going Home. Kipling. Windthorst. The farm. Home. The only home that I have ever had. Nothing changes there. Constant and comforting. My Great Grandmother is 98 years old. Can you imagine? 98. I was telling one of the guys at work all about her. He said “I will have to live [...]

inspiration for this site…

Sitting in a park in Paris, France Reading the news and it sure looks bad They won’t give peace a chance That was just a dream some of us had Still a lot of lands to see But I wouldn’t want to stay here It’s too old and cold and settled in its ways here [...]

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